Our sessions together were enlightening and uplifting. Over six weeks working together I began to understand more about myself and the direction I want life to go in. I feel more confident in exploring new avenues as a result of our time together.

A succession of challenges at work were triggering habitual ways of reacting that were unhelpful and made me feel negative towards my career. Gill's superb coaching encouraged me to confront the bad habits I'd developed. Week by week another layer of the onion was peeled away as practical ways to embed new, more positive behaviours were explored and rehearsed. The sessions had a transformative effect on how I approach my job and interact with colleagues. I now feel more energised, confident and proud of the work I do. Thank you Gill for your prompts, insights and words of wisdom.

 One of the most powerful things about working with Gill is her ability to break down something that feels complicated into achievable steps. She has really helped me raise my belief in myself and given me the momentum and practical advice to follow my own path.



Powerful one-hour sessions on a schedule that suits you.

Sessions are focused on you and tailored to support the specific areas where you seek personal development or want to reach your goals.

Growth assignments and action plans to move you forward are agreed each week for you to continue between sessions.

Support between sessions if and when you need it as you apply the learning and insights from your sessions.


Gill is accredited with the Institute of Leadership and Management, is fully insured and undergoes regular supervision with an accredited coaching supervisor.

One-to-one coaching programmes:

£1,495 - 6 session coaching programme.
£2,995 - 12 session coaching programme.
£5,995 - 6 month coaching programme (based on weekly sessions).
£10,000 - 12 month coaching programme (based on weekly sessions). 

Spread the cost with a payment plan. Details available on request.

Sessions take place online via Zoom. Scheduling is flexible to suit your timetable.

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The value coaching creates is worth more than the cost.

Consider the following questions as you evaluate making this investment.

What are the effects on your life due to the issues you are experiencing?

What are the effects of those things on your nearest and dearest?

Have you succeeded in fixing them on your own?

What could be possible if you did not have them anymore?

How will you feel when the issues feel lighter, or no longer bother you at all?

Aside from you, who else will benefit from this investment?

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