"Wow! What can I say, my coaching with Gill has set me on a fantastic path to finally finding what I really want to do with my life. After 11 wonderful years being a stay at home mum, it’s time to move back into the working world!! Knowing this was coming I’ve dabbled with an idea or two, even started my own business.  My coaching with Gill made sense of where I was and where I really wanted to be. I tried to backtrack (out of fear of the unknown!) but Gill supported me through this and made me question what I really want from my career. I’m now booked on courses to help me achieve my goal. Gill has a lovely balance of being genuine, straightforward, knowledgeable and kind. I felt really safe in her hands, which allowed me to be really honest. Gill was able to help me wade through emotions, reservations and fear to come to a decision that I believe is absolutely the right one for me. I hadn’t taken part in any coaching before, but I’m so glad I did and would do again. If you are looking to make a positive change in your life, think about some coaching and you will be onto a winner if you choose to do it with Gill!!"


Donna Smith, (now a child-counsellor in training)

"Gill is a naturally intuitive coach. Some people have the ability to just 'get' you and Gill is one of those special coaches. Not only is she an amazing listener but she is able to dig deep into what matters to you, and why, without you ever feeling judged. She creates an amazing safe space where you can really get clarity on who you are and what you want. One of the most powerful things about working with Gill is her ability to break down something that feels complicated into achievable steps. She has really helped me raise my belief in myself and given me the momentum and practical advice to follow my own path. I highly recommend working with Gill."


Rachel Pearson, Owner, Business Coaching Service

" Meeting Gill has been something of a revelation for me. She has an extraordinary ability to understand the complexities of life, particularly for women, and doesn’t segment life into boxes. She is neither a ‘life’ nor a ‘professional’ coach but someone who truly understands you can’t separate the two. Our sessions together were enlightening and uplifting. Over 6 weeks working together I began to understand more about myself and the direction I want life to go in. I feel more confident in exploring new avenues as a result of our time together. And I know I can always pick up the phone and book an emergency session whenever I need a dose of Gill! Thank you so much for everything." 


Anon, Senior Communications Manager, Global Media Organisation

I really enjoyed my sessions with Gill. She took time to understand the different areas that I wanted to explore and guided me through, but also identified and suggested related areas where I might benefit from delving deeper. It has been a great help for me personally and has empowered me to make positive changes. 


Anon, VP Comms, Global Broadcaster

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