Employer Funded Coaching & Mindset Training for Teams

Working on the frontline of Communications and PR can be really tough. Resilience, confidence and peace of mind can take some heavy knocks.

I provide support in the form of mindset coaching to help professionals at all levels maintain, or regain, a healthy relationship with the job in hand.

Common issues that persistently trouble individuals, teams and leaders are:


✅ Imposter Syndrome

✅ Perfectionism

✅ People Pleasing

✅ Burnout

✅ Anxiety

✅ Inability to switch off

✅ Feeling isolated or unsupported


I have a proven track record in helping people turn these situations around. I offer:

One to one coaching packages where an individual can benefit from intensive support.

Workshops for teams to help open out the conversation around these issues and foster a culture that leverages a better understanding of mindset to improve employee engagement.

Drop-in mindset clinics where I can coach staff around mindset blockers as they're unfolding in real time to help the handle the day to day challenges of the job.


The world's smallest violin plays for the PR person under pressure. Our awareness of that can really limit us speaking up when things feel challenging, robbing us of support when we need it most.

I know this because I've been there. I worked in the BBC Press Office during some very high profile and sustained crises. I know what it's like, and I know how in a large organisation the 'to do' list never ends, whether there's a crisis or not.

I'm accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management and I want to the be the support I know that PR professionals need, because I needed it once and I didn't have the knowledge or the courage to seek it out.

If you think I can help please book a call with me and I can find out more about the needs of your team members.

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