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Do you recognise any of the following red flags?:


🚩 Finding it difficult to switch off from work

🚩 Knowingly overserving the job, but finding it hard to stop 

🚩 Repeated venting to others about recurring situations 

🚩 Feeling like the grass is greener, maybe if you just change job things *might* be better 

🚩 Finding that there are some situations in work that you dread 

🚩 Feeling frustrated with others when you are trying to achieve things *your* way. 

🚩 Finding it hard to make decisions about your next career steps 

🚩 Overwhelm is getting to you and you know you're not performing like you used to 

🚩 You feel like you're on a path to burning out - you know deep down that something has to change.


I can help you tackle the red flags. It is possible to feel a weight lifted off your shoulders and feel more at ease and confident in your work and you career path.

I've been where you are with the plate-spinning, the priority-juggling, the fire-fighting and the crisis handling. I know all of you in press offices and publicity teams  are working really hard.

It's not all bad! You've got a great reputation for rising to the challenge, being a "safe pair of hands" and you love a bit of adrenalin when you're really up against it.

But I invite you to pause for a moment and ask yourself if there might just be a better way to be.

Do you want to feel more peace, and have more time for yourself?

If the answer is yes then my coaching can help you.

Ways to Work With Me

How I Help You


Tackle your work-related fear and anxiety -  Overcome Perfectionism - Understand and manage procrastination - Understand and manage Imposter Syndrome and confidence issues - Prevent and recover from overwhelm and burnout issues - Identify limiting beliefs or limiting thought patterns


How I Help Your Career


Restore your confidence and resilience - Identify and plan future career desires and goals - Empower you to speak-up and build a stronger network of professional connections - Create clarity about what you really want to do - Stop unhelpful repeating patterns that damage your career growth.


How I Help Employers

Provide a confidential space for employees to talk openly - Rebuild workplace confidence - Encourage a positive, growth mindset - Help employees redraw appropriate boundaries with work - Tackle and prevent burnout - Avoid unnecessary loss of valued team members - Empower staff so less hand-holding is needed - Team workshops on mindset

Ways to Work With Me